Theories in health promotion

Health promotion is multidisciplinary which means that it has no theory of its own but uses theories from other disciplines. This working group works with identifying the most commonly used.

Current active members

Susanna Arveklev Höglund –

Bjarne Bruun-Jensen –

Anne Clancy –

Charli Eriksson – e-mail:

Dan Grabowski  –

Bo J A Haglund  –

Gita Hedin –

Aud Johannessen –;

Tone Kringeland – e-mail:

Eva Langeland –

Bengt Lindström  – e-mail:

Berit Misund Dahl –

Heidi Myglegård Andersen –

Niko Männikkö –;

Ewy Olander – e-mail:

Leena Paakkari – e-mail:

Karin C Ringsberg –

Nicole Thualagant –

Per Tillgren –

Anne Trollvik –e-mail:

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