Children and Young People in Health Promoting Settings

Children and young people in health promoting settings

Ditte-Marie From (convener) – website

Fereshteh Baygi – website

Bjarne Bruun-Jensen – website

Julie Dalgaard Guldager – website

Ruth Montgomery-Andersen – website

Anne Clancy – website

Trude Karine Olaug Gjernes – email

Berit Misund Dahl – email

Hilde Berit Moen – email  

Thomas Tjelta  – website

Ulla Forinder  website

Zofia Hammerin – website

Gita Hedin  – website

Catrine Kostenius – website

Eva-Carin Lindgren – email

Ulrika Lögdberg – website

Louise Persson – email

For publications written within the network .

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