The Nordic Health Promotion Research Network (NHPRN) was formed in March 2007 and since then meetings have been held on a regular basis twice a year. Network members from all the Nordic countries participate.

Below short versions of the minutes from the meetings can be seen. The members of the NHPRN can share more detailed minutes at the internal web page. During the years 2007-2014 the meetings were held at Nordic School of Public Health, NHV. Since 2015, they have been held at the WHO office in Copenhagen.

Upcoming meetings 

December, 7th-8th, 2023 (at WHO Copenhagen)

*The spring 2024 meeting is planned for  March 14th-15th and the autumn meeting in December. One of these meetings will be online and just for one day. Which of them will be further discussed and more information will be given about that. 

Previous meetings

The Thirty-third meeting (March, 2023)

The Thirty-second meeting (December, 2022)

The Thirty-first meeting (March/April, 2022)

The Thirtieth meeting (November, 2021)

The Twenty-ninth meeting (March, 2021)

The Twenty-eighth meeting (November, 2020)

The Twenty-seventh meeting (March, 2020, was cancelled due to Corona)

The Twenty-sixth meeting (December, 2019)

The Twenty-fifth meeting (March, 2019)

The Twenty-fourth meeting (December, 2018)

The Twenty-third meeting (April, 2018)

The Twenty-second meeting (December, 2017)

The Twenty-first meeting (March, 2017)

The Twentieth meeting (December, 2016)

The Nineteenth meeting (March, 2016)

The Eighteenth meeting (Deccember, 2015)

The Seventeenth meeting (March, 2015)

The Sixteenth meeting (December, 2014)

The Fifthteenth meeting (March, 2014).

The Fourteenth meeting (December, 2013)

The Thirteenth meeting (March, 2013)

The Twelfth meeting (November, 2012)

The Eleventh meeting (March, 2012)

The Tenth meeting (December, 2011)

The Ninth meeting (March, 2011)

The Eighth meeting (December, 2010)

The Seventh meeting (March, 2010)

The Sixth meeting (December, 2009)

The Fifth meeting (April, 2009)

The Fourth meeting (December, 2008)

The Third meeting (April, 2008)

The Second meeting (November, 2007)

The First meeting (March, 2007)

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