PhD review of Nordic theses

The group commenced as a cooperative project within the Nordic Health Promotion Research Network (NHPRN) in order to investigate theses in health promotion from the Nordic countries during the year 2008 and ahead. The first step was a feasability study aiming at availability of theses from the nordic countries and possibilities to build a database including doctoral thesis written at Danish, Finnish, Islandic, Norwegian and Swedish institutions. The criteria for inclusion are that the theses are using the concept of health promotion in their abstract, title and/or in their key words. The PhD review Working Group aim in a second step to analyze the content of the abstracts and will later on continue to analyze the full-text of the theses including theories used.

Current active members

Andrea Eriksson: – https://www.kth.se/profile/andrea4/

Charlie Eriksson –charlieriksson48@gmail.com

Bo Haglund –http://bomhag.se/om/bo/bo-cv.html

Aud Johannessen – https://www.usn.no/english/about/contact-us/employees/aud-johannessen; https://www.aldringoghelse.no/om-aldring-og-helse/ansatte/

Heidi Myglegård Andersen – https://www.ucviden.dk/da/persons/heidi-mygleg%C3%A5rd-andersen

Leena Paakkari  – e-mail:leena.paakkari@jyu.fi

Nina Simonsen – https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Nina_Simonsen-Rehn

Pernille Tanggard-Jensen – e-mail: ptandersen@health.sdu.dk

Steffen Thorp – https://www.usn.no/om-usn/kontakt-oss/ansatte/steffen-torp-article31564-6688.html

Nicole Thualagent – https://forskning.ruc.dk/da/persons/nicole

Anne Trollvik – anne.trollvik@inn.no

For publications written within the network.

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