The Conference Working Group has the overall responsibility for the Nordic conferences taking place and supports the participants of the network who has the responsibility for organizing the present conference for example in designing the program, inviting speakers, reading abstracts.

Current active members of the group

Malin Eriksson – https://www.umu.se/personal/malin-eriksson/

Ulla Forinder – http://www.hig.se/

Elisabeth Fosse – http://www.uib.no/personer/Elisabeth.Fosse

Bo Haglund – http://bomhag.se/om/bo/bo-cv.html

Aud Johannessen – https://www.usn.no/english/about/contact-us/employees/aud-johannessen; https://www.aldringoghelse.no/om-aldring-og-helse/ansatte/

Catrine Kostenius – http://www.ltu.se/staff/c/catkos-1.11658?l=en AND https://www.norrbottenskommuner.se/haelsoskolan/forskning/

Sami Kokko – e-mail: sami.p.kokko@jyu.fi

Anne Liveng – https://forskning.ruc.dk/da/persons/aliveng

Karin C Ringsberg – karincringsberg.wordpress.com

Nicole Thualagant – https://forskning.ruc.dk/da/persons/nicoleSteffen Torp – https://www.usn.no/om-usn/kontakt-oss/ansatte/steffen-torp-article31564-6688.html

Per Tillgren – https://www.mdh.se/staff?id=ptn01

Maria Warne – https://www.miun.se/Personal/mariawarne/

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