Healthy ageing

Ageing linked to health is an important issue when the older population increases. The Healthy Ageing Working Group has therefore a focus on research and discussions concerning older people’s health in a Nordic perspective. The term Healthy Ageing was first known throughout an European Union project in 2004-2007. It was defined as the process of optimizing opportunities for physical, social and mental health to enable older people to take an active part in society without discrimination and to enjoy an independent and good quality of life (The Swedish National Institute of Public Health, 2006). This definition of Healthy Ageing highlights key values such as participation, justice and equality (freedom from discrimination), autonomy (independence). Healthy Ageing is based on the same values as the WHO (2002) definition of Active Ageing, which also emphasizes safety, and on Health Promotion Guidelines (WHO, 1986) and the Right to Health (WHO, 2012).

The Healthy Ageing Working Group applies theory and perspectives from the humanities and social sciences in order to understand the specific contexts in which people age. The Nordic welfare states and their ongoing changes are an important background for the discussions. The group´s understanding of health promotion is grounded in the perception that history, climate, geography, culture and democracy-development are prerequisites for health and wellbeing in daily life.

The group recognizes the importance of the voices of the older person and the research performed by the group is therefore primarily qualitative, with an empirical focus on interviews, narratives and text analysis. Central concepts are dignity, autonomy, participation and a sense of security; concepts which we explore empirically and theoretically.

updated 2023-03-01

Current active members of the group

Anneli Sarvimâki (Convener)

Eliva Ambugo – website

Anne Clancy – website

Kerstin Frändin

Aud Johannessen

Johanne Lind – email

Anne Liveng – website

Anna Nivestam – website

Anne Seneca Terkelsen – email

Nina Simonsen – website

Bettina Stenbock-Hult

For publications written within the network.

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