In health promotion, empowerment is a process through which people gain greater control over decisions and actions affecting their health (World Health Organization, Health Promotion Glossary, 1998, Geneva WHO).

WHO continues and elaborates the definition in the glossary; Empowerment may be a social, cultural, psychological or political process through which individuals and social groups are able to express their needs, present their concerns, devise strategies for involvement in decision-making, and achieve political, social and cultural action to meet those needs. Through such a process people see a closer correspondence between their goals in life and a sense of how to achieve them, and a relationship between their efforts and life outcomes. Health promotion not only encompasses actions directed at strengthening the basic life skillsand capacities of individuals, but also at influencing underlying social and economic conditions and physical environments which impact upon health. In this sense health promotion is directed at creating the conditions which offer a better chance of there being a relationship between the efforts of individuals and groups, and subsequent health outcomesin the way described above. What is meant by empowerment must therefore be explained depending on the context.

The Empowerment Working Group discusses and studies how the empowerment perspective is taken care of and made visibel in Nordic policy documents.

updated 2023-03-01

Current active members of the group

Sofie Buch Mejsner (Convener) – website

Fereshteh Baygi – website

Bente Dahl – website

Leena Eklund Karlsson  – website

Malin Eriksson – website

Catrine Kostenius  –   website AND website

Johan Lidmark – LinkedIn

Ulrika Lögdberg – website

Berit Misund Dahl  – website

Jennie Ryding – website

Pernille Tanggaard Andersen – website

Maria Warne  – website

For publications written within the network.


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