Covid-19 from a HP perspective

The 10th of March 2020 the disease Covid-19 was declared a pandemic by WHO. The objective of this working group is to conduct research that provides insights into the responses and the consequences of the pandemic situation in our Nordic welfare societies in order to advance future health promoting responses to crisis. The pandemic as an international crisis has had and still has a great impact not only on our social lives but also on how health in an everyday life perspective is being maintained and promoted. 

In the wake of the first period of the pandemic the working group conducted a comparative study that identified the Nordic responses to the pandemic from a health promotion perspective. The study demonstrates both similarities and differences between the Nordic countries in the light of the five guiding principles of health promotion perspective: intersectorality, sustainability, equity, empowerment and a life-course perspective. Another study conducted by some of the members of the working group also highlights differences in the policy responses in Denmark, Serbia and Sweden and emphasizes the importance of a country’s preparedness for public health action.

updated 2023-03-01

Nicole Thualagant (Convener) – website

Ulla Forinder – website

Elisabeth Fosse – website

Karin C Ringsberg – website

Anneli Sarvimâki

Nina Simonsen – website

Helga Sol Olafsdottir – website

Bettina Stenbock-Hult

Pernille Tanggard-Jensen – email

Per Tillgren – website

Thomas Tjelta  – website

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