Equity in health

Equity means social justice or fairness. The concept is one of the key principles of the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion from 1986, and is consistent with the WHO call for ‘Health for All’.

Social inequity concerns systematic differences between different socioeconomic groups, and is a consequence of unequal access to public benefits and services, education, or adequate food and housing, for example – differences which according to Whitehead (1991) are unnecessary, avoidable, unfair and unjust. To promote equity, policies should address the unequal distribution of social and health determinants between advantaged and disadvantaged groups, and the differing consequences of these policies for different parts of the population.

The Equity Working Group focuses on social inequalities and inequities in the Nordic countries, and is currently studying policies and political commitments to compensate economically poor families.

 Current active members of the Group

Anna Balkfors – https://www.linkedin.com/in/anna-balkfors-25009a19/

Despena (Debbie) Andrioti Bygvraa- https://portal.findresearcher.sdu.dk/en/persons/debbie-andrioti-bygvraa

Betina Dybbroe – e-mail: tibet@ruc.dk

Leena Eklund-Karlsson –www.sdu.dk/ansat/leklund 

Elisabeth Fosse – http://www.uib.no/personer/Elisabeth.Fosse

Hrafnhildur Gunnarsdottir – https://www.hv.se/personal/hrafnhildur-gunnarsdottir/

Ditte Heering Holt –

Ulrika Lögdberg – e-mail: ulrika.logdberg@hh.se

Ruth Montgomery-Andersen – https://www.linkedin.com/in/ruth-montgomery-andersen-6111bba/

Olin Blaalid Oldeide – https://www.uib.no/personer/Olin.Blaalid.Oldeide

Louise Persson – e-mail: louise.persson@kau.se

Susann Regber – https://www.hh.se/english/staffathalmstaduniversity.4042.html

For publications written within the network.


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