The Nordic Health Promotion Research Network (NHPRN)


In 2007, the current Nordic Health Promotion Research Network (NHPRN) was established at the Nordic School of Public Health (NHV). It was then decided that NHPRN would take over the responsibility for the forthcoming Nordic Health Promotion research conferences. When NHV closed in 2014 the network was supported with facilities at the WHO regional office in Copenhagen. The responsibility for running the network and the conferences is shared between the Nordic countries. At present, Denmark has the main responsibility for the meetings, 2021-2022, and Sweden for the conference 2023.


The aims of the NHPRN are to develop:

  • the theoretical understanding of Health Promotion;
  • Nordic research cooperation; and
  • to organize the Nordic Health Promotion Research Conferences.


The network members constitute a balanced representation of the Nordic countries and is interdisciplinary with junior and senior researchers. The members meet biannually at WHO’s premises in Copenhagen. The network is organized in working groups engaged in topics central for HP research and practice. Working groups are not static and may change depending on the interests of the network members.

Mode of working

The NHPRN is a working network. At the biannual, physical meetings,  lectures are held on current issues of health promotion by leading researchers and decision-makers. Participants engage in theoretical discussions in plenary and working groups. The working groups also meet for research work that continues at a distance between the meetings. Participants in the network are also active in the planning and implementation of the Nordic Health Promotion Research conferences that are held every three years. The 10th will take place at Halmstad University, Sweden 14-16 June 2023.


Part of the network’s work is the production of scientific articles and supplements from the conferences. A book is also published: “Health literacy: theory and practice in health promotion work”.   The total publication list can be find here.

Interested in joining us?

The network is open for health promotion researchers and PhD students in the Nordic countries. The NHPRN is a working network and anyone interested to join us is expected to actively contribute to the network by attending the biannual meetings and contribute to the working groups´activities. Researchers interested in participating in the network can obtain further information by contacting the network chairman currently: Leena Eklund (leklund@health.sdu.dk).

Articles providing more information about the network

Ringsberg KC., The Nordic Health Promotion Research Network, Scand J Publ Health 2015;43(Suppl 16):51-56 or

Haglund BJA & Tillgren P. Milestones in Nordic Health Promotion research Scand J Public Health, 2018; 46(Suppl 20): 7–19.

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