Welcome to the Nordic Health Promotion Research Network Web pages!

This network consists of about 50 researchers from the five Nordic countries, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden and they meet biannually at the location of WHO in Copenhagen.

The aims for the network are to :

1) develop the theoretical understanding of health promotion;

2) develop Nordic research cooperation in health promotion, from a Nordic perspective;

3) work together with the Nordic Conference on Health Promotion held every third year

It is a working network and the members have high competences within public health and health promotion. Depending on which aspect of health promotion they are specialized in  they  belong to different sub-groups.  These are: empowerment, equity in health, healthy ageing, health literacy, theory in health promotion, work-related health and a Review group of Nordic Theses

The members of the network meet biannually at the WHO’s regional office at the UN City in Copenhagen. Based on the researchers’ areas of interest for health promotion and public health, they work in different subgroups. The areas are: empowerment, equity in health, healthy ageing, health literacyand work-related health.

Next conference, the ninth Nordic Health Promotion Research Conference will be held 12-14 June 2019 in Roskilde.  Main theme: Health: Societal Responsibility or individual obligation?   Addressing sustainable health promotion in theory and practice. For more information see: https://ruc.dk/arrangementer/9th-nordic-health-promotion-research-conference-2019 

Health Promotion what is it?

 Nordic perspective


Database NordChild


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