The 30th network meeting 25-26th November, 2021, WHO Copenhagen

Summary of the thirties meeting

The 30th Nordic Health Promotion Research Network meeting was held 25-26th November, 2021, at WHO, Copenhagen. The first day the local conference committee reported on their plans for the next Health Promotion Research Conference planned to be hold 14-16 June 2023 at Halmstad University, Sweden. Thereafter the professors Karin C Ringsberg, Per Tillgren and Bo Haglund gave a presentation on the topic “The past, present, and future of the Nordic Health Promotion Research Network (NHPRN). After the presentation there was a discussion in plenum about the strengths and weaknesses of the network and suggestions for improvements. The first day associated professor Nicole Thualagant presented and discussed an scientific article “Nordic responses to COVID-19 from a health promotion perspective” written by one of the NHPRN:s working groups. Thereafter there was time for work in the working groups. Day 2 themes/topics for the next workshops, how to organize the working groups and how to recruit and engage young researchers was discussed. Time was also set aside for work in the working groups.

Next meeting, the 31st will be held at WHO, Copenhagen on the 31st March -1st April 2022.

Note: Workshops will be online, if the COVID-19 situations and restrictions require that.

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