The 4th, 2008

Fourth meeting summary

The fourth meeting (December 11-12, 2008)

For the network’s fourth meeting Professor Illona Kickbusch was invited as speaker. She held a lecture entitled Health Promotion in the Post Modern Society, which was an overall theme discussed at the meeting. Professor Kickbusch is an Honorary Doctor of Public Health at NHV. She is also known throughout the world for her contributions to innovation in public health, health promotion and global health.

Reports from the different working groups in the network were later presented. It was generally discussed how the work on further developing Health Promotion theory can be done for example emanating from important concepts within Health Promotion or education applied on fields the network is interested in, such as children, the elderly, women etc.

During the meeting information about NHV as the Nordic Knowledge Centre for Health Promotion was also presented.

The network decided that workshops are to be held twice a year, where one meeting will consist of an invited lecturer and working-group meetings and the other of work in the working-groups. The next meeting will take place on April 2-3 2009.





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