The 21th meeting 30-31 March, 2017 WHO Copenhagen

Minutes from the 21th network meeting in Copenhagen 30-31st of March 2017

Thursday 30 March


Bjarne Bruun Jensen informed about the International Union of Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE)

Bjarne has become the vice president for the European section of IUHPE. He informed about the the organization which now has existed for more than sixty years. The organization´s framings of health promotion (HP) have strong links to the Ottawa Charter. Bjarne formulated in four bullet points his own ideas with his work during the period he will be the vice president:

  • Linking context, sustainable and healthy change
  • Documenting of HP to prevention of NCDs
  • Develop innovative generic and cultural and cultural sensitive HP approach o strength the global identity of IUHPE.
  • Focusing on young pople and schools as agents of healthy change

Bjarne hopes that prevention and promotion will start to co-operate as both perspectives would benefit from that . The prevention programmes could learn from HP to run their programmes in a more realistic way – and HP could learn to document and evaluate interventions more systematically.

He stated that we, health promotion researchers, need to document HP- interventions in a better way and that we need to leave the bottom-up perspective and instead work with dialogue. Health as well as Qol should be an out-come measure.

We have been very inclosing ”any thing goes “ in HP and Bjarne sees a risk for HP to disappear. Therefore in order to strengthen the identity of HP we need to be more exact when describing what a HP approach is and what it is not. So far we have described it on a generic level but now there is a need .for a more exact description. to operationalize it in various ways depending to culture and setting but without loosing the core of HP. If you want people to take action, we must get outside the disease orientation, Vivianne Barnekov stated that it will be difficult to work sustainable if we do not link up with the medicine.

Bjarne further stressed the key for change is to reach young people – children and young people. Finally, as an example of what he labelled  “Super-setting approach “, Bjarne told us about an HP intervention on Bornholm in which he has participated, where they work with three target groups and children as one of them.

The next IUHPE world conference will take place in New Zealand.  24-26 September 2019. And the next, the 10th  IUHPE Europeen conference will be in Trondheim 24-26 September 2018 .

Bjarne Bruun Jensen and Vivianne Barnekov (a former staff of WHO and now consultant) discussed collaboration between the IUHPE and NHPRN and between WHO and NHPRN

 Bjarne sees the possibilities of collaboration between IUHPE and NHPRN motivated by

  • Potential for synergy
  • Connect to Global Working groups
  • Join (Planning of  ) IUHPE conferences
  • Join research projects of coming interest
  • Join regional committee for Europe
  • Institutional and individual membership

WHO stresses “collaboration “in order to decrease NCD:s . Vivianne suggested that we look into the Charter from the Paris conference November  2016  –

For more details on his lecture See enclosed file with power point pictures


Elena Shevkun, Divison of non-communicalbel diseases (NCD) WHO.

Elena presented herself as “ dealing with the practical issues” and not research. Therefore she declared that she is not in a position to decide about collaboration but she is very much in favour of such and she can connect us with different key persons (depending on area).

WHO has an enormous amount of action plans and for the moment they are very busy checking if each of the member countries are implementing them.

However there are two new projects just starting which might be open for collaboration ; one is on “Mens health” and another “How to reach young people with the message that smoking is dangerous”. E-health is also a project which is coming up and where collaboration is needed. But also ageing and life course perspective.and the health of immigrants. 

Friday 31st of March 2017

8.30-11.00 Working groups meetings

11-12.00  The 9th Conference in Roskilde .

Anne Liveng informed about the procedure with the ConfernceThe suggested  title of the 9th Conference  “Health Promotion between sustainability  and healthism –Wicked problems in strive for optimization”. The titles pros an cons were discussed.

Ideas for themes were also discussed as well as key-note speakers. We need suggestions from the network for more speakers from the Nordic countries.

12-12.30 Reports from the working groups. Many of the groups have just finished or are just about to finish the writing of articles and are now in the process of finding new projects .

Suggestions of themes for the coming next meetings.

  • Migration is an important topic and everybody are encourage to think about how we can approach that, please come with suggestions.
  • Gender issues. Karin and Per will ask Piroska Östlin, Programme Manager of the Vulnerability and Health Programme at the WHO, if she has the possibility to take part in any of the two planned network meetings and talk about WHO:s work on HP from a gender perspective.
  • Sharing of own knowledge produced as articles, books, reports within the working groups in the network. Per, Elisabeth and Karin will outline how the work is going to be done. Please send working papers and articles as soon as possible to them.

12.30 -13.00 Any other business

We like more researchers (including PdH students ) to join the network.  Everyone is encouraged to suggest new members. Contact person: Ulla Forinder.Lene  will approach our members from Island and Grönland to investigate if we could get more members from these to countries/regions

Next meeting will be 7-8 December 2017

The spring meeting 2018 will be 19-20 April 2018.

/Notes taken by Ulla Forinder who also chaired the meeting


Invitation to the 21th Nordic Workshop for Health Promotion

Dear colleagues of the Nordic Health Promotion Research Network,

This is an invitation to the 21th Nordic Health Promotion Research Network meeting, on the 30-31th of March 2017 in Copenhagen. Please, find the schedule of the meeting on page 2.

The meeting will have a main theme, Developing and Deepening Collaboration – External and Internal. It is important that we all are prepared for the discussion with the representatives’ from IUHPE and WHO. Each working group are kindly asked to have discussed their positions and possible desires on the issue of collaboration before the meeting.


As you know WHO requires a list of participant (with full affiliation details) beforehand in order to get access to WHO office. Therefore, I ask you to verify your participation to the 21th meeting by e-mailing before the 14th of March. Please, remember to inform your affiliation information at the same time. It is necessary to bring an ID.

Practical arrangements:

The meeting will take place at WHO’s regional office as previous times. Chairman reserve the facilities at WHO and arrange content and schedule for the meeting. Participant arrange for their board and lodging including meal payments. There are no pre-reservations.

For accommodations it has been agreed with Hotel Østerport that they make a block reservation of 25 rooms (Single room DKK 720 per room double /twin room DKK 920/room per night; prices are incl. breakfast, VAT and service charge). Please book your hotel room as soon as possible and prior to 28th of February Use the block code: 99702 for reduced price.

Contact information to Hotel Østerport: phone: +45 7012 4646 e-mail:

Lunch, coffee and other refreshments will not be pre-ordered but available at WHO

OBS! There will be no additional registration requests.

Best regards,

Ulla Forinder

Chairman of the NHPRN

PhD, Associate prof University of Gävle, Gävle, Sweden

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